Cyber-Hobby Military 1/35 StuG III Ausf G Initial Prod Tank Kit

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    • StuG.III Initial Production fighting compartment authentically reproduced
    • Newly tooled pistol port produced at the hull side
    • Cannon can be elevated up or down
    • Slide-molded engine deck
    • Roof armor w/accurate weld seam
    • Screw heads are accurately reproduced
    • Upper hull w/easy assembly
    • Newly tooled multi-piece upper hull for maximum detail
    • Multi-directional slide-molded superstructure w/bolt detail
    • Newly tooled fenders detail on the surfaces
    • Radio set and seats are included
    • Commander's hatch w/interior details - can be assembled open or closed
    • Gun breech and recoil guard are fully reproduced
    • Recoil and recuperator cylinders are truly represented
    • Gun sight and hand wheels are included
    • Complete gun mount is represented
    • All nuts on frontal armor are done at different angles
    • Driver vision port w/clear plastic part
    • One-piece driver vision port armor w/nut details
    • Lower hull sides come w/full detail
    • Fully detailed hull bottom weld seams
    • One-piece slide-molded lower hull w/superb details
    • Gun w/full breech assembly
    • Slide-molded mantlet w/realistic weld seams and internal surface detail
    • Chamber in lower part of mantlet
    • Slide-molded periscopic gun sight is made from clear part
    • Slide-molded gun sleeve w/screw details
    • Air deflector truly represented
    • Photo-etched mesh is included
    • Steering brake inspection hatch can be modeled open or close
    • Idler wheels w/photo-etched parts
    • Detailed track tension adjuster
    • 40cm magic tracks
    • Air-intake covers w/mounts are accurately reproduced
    • Floor tread plate pattern is correctly done
    • Slide-molded torsion bars are included
    • Final drive housing covers are separate parts for maximum detail
    • Accurate sprocket wheels
    • Road wheels w/accurate details
    • Cooling air-intakes are slide-molded
    • Photo-etched air-intake grills
    • Injection-molded OVM w/ clasps
    • Slide-molded muzzle brake
    • One-piece barrel
    • Tool box w/padlock produced by slide-molds
    • Metal tow cable
    • Exhaust pipes w/hollow ends
    • Commander's cupola periscopes made from clear parts
    • Cable heads are slide-molded

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