Cyber-Hobby Military 1/35 SdKfz 138/1 Geschutzwagen 38H Tank w/Intital sIG 33/1 Gun Ltd. Edition Kit

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    • Brand new Initial Production of s.IG.33 gun-mounted Geschützwagen38
    • Newly designed fighting compartment w/full interior detail of Initial Production
    • Ultra-slim injection-molded armor plates
    • Great detail gun trestle for s.IG.33
    • s.IG.33 gun carriage accurately represents the real one
    • Two options for shims on gun mount
    • Recoil system rendered w/realistic bolt detail
    • Optional armor plates allow gun to be elevated at different elevations
    • Travel lock can be positioned in travel or combat mode
    • Locking handle has crisp detail
    • Aluminum gun barrel w/rifling is finely reproduced
    • New arrangement of ammunition rounds, gas mask case, cartridge storage, rifle rack and tool storage
    • Nut and bolt detail on armor plates realistically rendered
    • Great detailed on Fu5-Geräte 10W.S.h transmitter and UkwEh receiver
    • New rain-guard for radio set
    • Weather tarp supports finely reproduced
    • Armor plates can be positioned open/closed
    • Ammo box is finely detailed
    • Photo-etched spare-track bracket on armor plate and fender
    • Engine deck w/bolt detail
    • Photo-etched engine exhaust grill
    • Glacis plate w/nut detail sharply reproduced
    • Hull interior details such as driver's controls, transmission and seats included
    • Tow hook can be assembled open/closed
    • Rear panel has crisp details
    • Photo-etched storage for bulletproof vision port
    • Options of displaying ammo rack
    • Magic Tracks w/casting-number detail

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