Cyber-Hobby Military 1/35 German Type Ommr Gondola Car w/AA Gun Crew Kit

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As the war progressed, rail traffic came increasingly under threat from ambushes by partisans or resistance fighters, as well as aerial attacks from marauding aircraft. Thus, rail wagons often sported light weapon systems like machine guns or flak cannons.


This Orange Box set, Item No. 9115 included the dioramic piece of railway track features a Type Ommr gondola wagon, with an accompanying gun crew ready to fire on attacking aircraft via an MG affixed on an antiaircraft mount. This set also comes with bonus figures, this time Feldgendarmerie (German MPs) patrolling with guard dogs. This makes the set suitable for a train station or marshaling yard scene, but modelers will only be limited by their own creativity! The set have an obvious railway theme, and coming as they do with an extra set of figures; Orange Box is right on track with such extraordinary value for money!

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