Cyber-Hobby Military 1/35 1/35 T34/85M Tank w/NVA Sapper Team Kit

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The Vietnam War was a Cold War conflagration that engulfed Indochina. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had originally been formed in 1944 to resist French colonialism, but it continued to fight against South Vietnam from 1955 onwards, and later the USA and its allies. After the American withdrawal, the NVA eventually helped conquer South Vietnam in 1975. The NVA fought a largely conventional war, while the famous Vietcong was a guerrilla force. The NVA was equipped with tanks of Russian and Chinese origin, including the T-54, T-55, T-59 and older T-34/85 types. The celebrated Orange Box range from Cyber-Hobby is releasing a combination set that features a T-34/85M tank in 1/35 scale, as well as an accompanying set of four NVA sappers. Such sappers achieved notable successes in the Vietnam War, including a surprise raid on Da Nang Airbase on 1 July 1965, and another on a USMC airfield on Marble Mountain.

This tank is a must-have for the Vietnam War modeler, and just like the original ubiquitous Russian tank, the plastic kit has stood the test of time very well. It builds easily and quickly into a detailed model. However, Cyber-Hobby has modernized it further with the addition of a set of convenient Magic Tracks. The 1/35 scale members of the NVA Sapper Team appear in action poses, with typical weapons such as AK-47s and even a ladder for an assault on enemy positions. As to be expected, this Orange Box set offers terrific value for money, plus it provides the strong foundation of an inspirational diorama scene of the NVA in full attack during the Vietnam War.

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