Canfora Publishing The Complete Guide To Truck Modelling: Construction, Detailing, Converting, Painting, Weathering

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For decades, truck modelers have been something of a sub-group, with very little literature to rely on and to call their own. This book remedies that and opens up a new world, hopefully to modelers new to the truck scene, and veterans alike.

Full-page close-ups and overall views are combined with step-by-step instructions to depict each model to its full potential.

Building truck kits is simply different to other subjects and it needs a special approach in terms of adding missing details and authenticity. Therefore, it is not just about painting and assembling, but closely related to real vehicles, their design and function. Paints, tools and airbrush techniques can be found in many books. This work however, is dedicated purely to trucks and their scale replicas, providing all the information one needs.

The book aims to provide all the information necessary to complete an authentically detailed truck model. It provides five separate building chapters, each focused on different levels of information, starting with rather basic assembly of modern US tractors and slowly increasing with difficulty via a detailed modern European truck to a heavily modified classic European tractor. In addition there are chapters focused on related topics, such as light commercial vehicles and resin conversions. The book ends with a lavish gallery of models, providing a wealth of inspiration.

  • 160 Pages
  • 500+ Progress Photos
  • Illustrated Techniques
  • Gallery Models

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