Casemate Books Planes & Pilots 18: Northrop F5 Freedom Fighter to Tiger II 1954-2012

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Although it was originally intended to provide the USAF with a lightweight fighter, in the end the Northrop F-5 had rather a marginal career in the United States, which used it mainly for training pilots in aerial combat. On the other hand, it was a real success in the export market, with more than twenty countries around the world choosing this little effective twin-engined fighter which above all was cheap, particularly when it was partly subsidized `by the United States. Its success continued with the improved version, the Tiger II, so much so that in all more than 2600 examples of all versions of the F-5 came of the production lines with a few of them still flying nowadays in some air forces, thanks to the various update programs which have permitted air forces to envisage prolonging their use until 2015-20.

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