Casemate Books Adam Wilder: Adam's Amor Modelling Guide 1 - Construction

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ADAM'S ARMOR 1 modeling guide is the ultimate in the construction of armor modeling!

Adam Wilder's pioneering processes and techniques are described by him in the greatest of detail. These present the culmination of many years of Adam's work, many unseen in print until now. Adam's Armour 1 will improve and enrich any modelers work from beginners to the more proficient. This volume totaling 192 pages covering every aspect of assembly, detailing and conversion techniques which keeps Adam at the forefront of scale armor modeling with Worldwide acclaim. This volume also includes a very special Gallery of Adams work.
  • 192 Pages
Chapter 1
Armor Modelling
• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• How I got to here
• What’s available to modellers today
• How much would you like to get involved with this hobby
• Involvement with forums and facebook
• Model clubs and chapters
• Shows and competing
• Before we start. Why assembly is so important

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Choosing a subject and starting assembly
• Critical assembly fundamentals
• Cutting, sanding and cleaning parts
• Filling pin marks and gaps
• Gluing parts quickly and effectively
• Flame cut edges
• Basic texturing
• Simple effective battle damage
• Simple grab handles
• Wiring, lights and other details
• Assembling track
1. assembling plastic track
2. assembling workable Model Kasten track
3. assembling metal tracks

Chapter 4
Working with resin parts

Chapter 5
Removing segments of plastic from kits

Chapter 6
Cladding large open areas

Chapter 7
Applying weld detail
• replicating welds from stretched sprue
• imitating welds using a two-part epoxy

Chapter 8
• Zimmerit patterns
• Replicating zimmerit using two-part epoxy
• Working with after-market resin zimmerit

Chapter 9
Creating impacts

Chapter 10
Working with photo etch and other metal parts
• Basic brass and photo etch assembling techniques
• Soldering complex photo etch assemblies
• Scratch building parts from copper sheet
• Preparation for painting

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