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Casemate Books Into The Vally - The Valentine Tank & Derivatives 1938-1960

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The Valentine was the only pre-war British design to remain in service until the end of hostilities in 1945 and was produced in greater numbers than any other. More than 8,000 were eventually manufactured. Although overshadowed by many other types, the Valentine saw active and important service with the British and Soviet armies, as well as Commonwealth forces. The gun tank was obsolescent before the end of the Second World War, but specialized variants such as bridge layers and self-propelled guns soldiered on until as late as 1960. Dick Taylor’s latest MMP book is A4 in format, with 192 high-quality glossy pages between its soft covers, 32 of those in full color. The text discusses the design, development production and operations of the Valentine tank and its many derivations.

The book is divided into eight Chapters:
  1. Design, Development and Production
  2. Technical Description
  3. Description of Gun Tank Marks
  4. Operational Use
  5. Painting and Markings
  6. Overseas Service
  7. Variants
  8. Walkaround

The eight main Chapters are followed by a Conclusion, References and a seven-page section of attractive color plates.

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