Broadway Limited HO Class 4000 2-8-2 Mikado w/Road Pilot - Sound & DCC - Paragon3 - Santa Fe #4025 (Black, Road Pilot)

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The first Mikado type locomotives on the ATSF came from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1902 and 1903. They were assigned road numbers 885 through 899. These 2-8-2s were Vauclain compounds with a wide firebox, which extended over the rear wheels. They were converted to simple locomotives in 1908 and saw service for the next four decades. In 1913, the next group of Mikados was purchased from Baldwin. This group was assigned road numbers 3100 through 3128. They had the same basic design as the converted locomotives of 1908, which included 57 diameter drivers, 25 x 32 cylinders, a 170 psi boiler pressure and a tractive effort of 50,700 pounds.

In 1916 more 2-8-2s arrived, when Baldwin delivered a group of thirty, which were given road numbers 3129 through 3158. These locomotives had 57 diameter drivers, 25 x 32 cylinders, a 200 psi boiler pressure and they exerted 56,650 pounds of tractive effort.

Between 1917 and 1920, the AT&SF received a total of 128 more Mikados. The locomotives of this group were assigned road numbers 3160 through 3287 and were about 20 tons heavier than the earlier ones. They had 63 diameter drivers, 27 x 32 cylinders, a 200 psi boiler pressure and they exerted 62, 950 pounds of tractive effort. The last group of new 2-8-2s to be added to the roster was a group of 101 built by Baldwin between 1921 and 1926. This group, road numbers 4000 through 4100 had the same specifications as the 3160-3287 locomotives and represents the set of Mikados Broadway Limited is producing.

There are two surviving AT&SF 2-8-2 Mikado type locomotives. These two locomotives (numbers 3167 and 4076) were lost in a flood in 1952 and are now sunk in the Kaw River in Topeka, KS.


  • New Paragon3 Sound & Operation System Featuring Rolling ThunderTM with Authentic Sounds and Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments
  • Factory Installed Engineer / Fireman Figures
  • Locomotive Composition: Die Cast Body with Die-Cast Chassis
  • Tender Composition: ABS Body with Die-Cast Chassis
  • Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee or Compatible
  • Compatible Tracks: Code 70, 83, 100 Rail
  • Equipped with Traction Tires
  • Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in or greater

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