Bronco Military Models 1/35 SwS Supply Ammo Vehicle Kit

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Because of Russo-German War come to a deadlock, The German army need a general vehicle in low cost to compensate for the huge consumption. Bussing -NAG company in the development of SWS (Schwerer Wehrmacht the Schlepper) general vehicle by the military selected and put into operation immediately. The vehicle has a light wooden body, 5 ton capacity. The structure of the half-track is very muddy environment adapt to the East. As cargo and tract vehicles in great acclaimed. In 1944, the Company re-designed with a body, and have derived many combat vehicles. Such as: equipped with Flak38 type 20mm or Flak43 type 37mm flak anti-aircraft vehicle, or the most powerful type 42 150mm Rocket Launcher, even equipped with Pak43 type 88mm anti tank gun destroyer. This Kit for SWS armor ammunition and armored cargo. The former loading 150mm rocket artillery action follow, and the latter is the general freight track, and at any time with a variety of weapons into a combat vehicle.
  • Kit can be built as either the standard ammo vehicle or armored cargo version.

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