Bronco Military Models 1/35 Russian HVY SP GIN SU-152 Kit

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The Red Army entered WWII with most of its heavy artillery drawn by horses, making its movement slow and vulnerable to attack. The KV-2 assault gun was built to address the need for mobile artillery, but it was unsatisfactory as a fighting vehicle, mainly because of its large and overweight turret. It was therefore decided to replace the KV-2 with a new vehicle based on the KV-1S chassis. But instead of a turret, the 152mm ML-20S gun-howitzer would be mounted in a low profile casemate. Several designs were put forward, but the KV-14 showed most promise and was further developed into the SU-152 by February 1943. This self-propelled gun weighed 45.5 tonnes and had frontal armor up to 75mm thick, powered by a 600bhp V-2K diesel engine it had a top speed of 43km/h. It was built at the Chelyabinskiy Kirovskiy factory until replaced in production by the ISU-152 in December 1943. Though designed as an assault gun, it gained a reputation as a "Tiger Killer", as the huge blast of the 152mm shell could blow the turret clean off the German tank!

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