Bronco Military Models 1/35 US GPW 1/4 Ton w/Trailer Kit

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In the late 1930's the United States Army issued a requirement for a light four wheel drive reconnaissance car. But little was done until early 1940 when American auto manufacturers were asked to submit designs. Only two contenders emerged, one by American Bantam, the other by Willys-Overland, the Bantam was the lead contender but was from a small company with limited production capacity. So the Bantam plans were passed to Willys and Ford for further refinement. By July 1941 the Willys MB was chosen as the winning design, and contracts were issued to both Willys and Ford to produce the vehicle. The Ford GPW was identical to the Willys MB but for the grill and other minor differences, This class of vehicle was called the "Jeep" by all allied servicemen, probably after "Eugene the Jeep" from the Popeye cartoon. Ford produced over 280,000 GPW's during WWII, these being used by all branches of the American and British military. The Ford GPW was also used by the Soviet Union and other allied nations, and was widely exported after WWII. The Jeep was a rugged 4x4 field car with a load capacity of 1/4 ton and a road speed of 105km/h. It was often armed with machine guns and was made famous by the British SAS and LRDG during the battle for North Africa 1942-43.

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