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The 25 Pounder Field Gun was designed to replace two WWI vintage guns, the 18 Pounder Field Gun and the 4.5 inch Howitzer. This new weapon was 3.45 inch (87.6mm) caliber and fired a 25 lbs (11kg) shell, the mounting allowed both direct fire and high-angle fire, thus filling the role of the two older guns. However the really outstanding feature was the rapid fire that could be achieved, up to 8 rounds per minute. To rush the gun into service, 25 Pdr barrels were mounted on 18 Pdr carriages, this becoming the 18/25 Pdr MkI. The production gun with designed carriage was designated the MkII, and entered service in 1940, usually towed by a Morris Quad artillery tractor. By 1943 it was decided to add an anti-tank round, which needed a higher power charge. As a result the gun was fitted with a muzzle brake, becoming the MkII/I when modified, or MkIII if built as new. The 25 Pounder Field Gun served with all British and Commonwealth forces during WWII, and Korea, and served into the 1990's with some armies.
  • Parts for early or late version, includes limber

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