Bar Mills HO Stewart's Rods Kit

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Estimated Processing Time: 2-3 Business Days

“Stewart’s Rods”…. our tongue-in-cheek tribute to well-known modeler Rod Stewart, is a compact structure & a primer to model building all in one kit.  From the clapboard/board & batten & brick wall components to the shingled, tar-papered & corrugated roofing panels…. a potpourri of building techniques and creative opportunities all in one kit.  With a 4″x6” footprint this one is at home on a siding, or even near/on a waterfront.  Detailed on all 4-sides the building includes our new resin cast roof chimneys as well as other details to help you create the scene.  the included billboard is an easy assembly & the kit is a natural harbor for service vehicles and workers of all kinds.  Figures & scenery not included.

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