Banta Modelworks HO CHAMA Depot Kit

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Laser cut plywood and basswood includes signs. Our version represents the depot as it was pre-1960's. Oddly there are very few photos of the depot that dates back prior to the 1950's, probably because access to Chama was limited other than by rail. The kit includes tarpaper roofing material as this appears in the most of the early photos though a fish scale type roofing does appear in a 1944 photo, others show shake style and today the structure has shake style. Most of these other roofing materials are available from other manufacturers. We can make the fish scale roofing on request, just note its expensive to cut so call for info on that style of roofing. One other note of significance, the depot in the '40s and 50's was painted white with green trim and the very earliest photo shows a dark color, probably boxcar red on the depot with light colored eaves. But, do your own research, the depot will fit with most time periods from the time it was built until the near present.

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