Aoshima Car Models 1/24 Knight Rider 2000 KITT Car from TV Show Season 4 Kit

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The core of Knight Rider is its three television series: Knight Rider (1982-1986); Team Knight Rider (1997-1998); and Knight Rider (2008-2009). The franchise also includes three television films, computer and video games and novels, as well as KnightCon, a Knight Rider convention. Beginning with the original television series and continuing with the subsequent films and series, the franchise has developed a cult following and spawned many pop culture references. The original Knight Rider series followed the adventures of Michael Knight, a modern-day crime fighter who uses a technologically-advanced, artificially intelligent automobile. This car is virtually indestructible, due to a high-tech coating applied to it. This series debuted in 1982 and ran for four seasons on NBC. These adventures were continued with the television films Knight Rider 2000 and Knight Rider 2010 and the short-lived Team Knight Rider. One other television movie, Knight Rider, served as a pilot for the 2008 television series Knight Rider (2008 TV series).

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