AMT Model Cars 1/25 1933 Willys Ohio George Montgomery's Gasser Car Kit

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Legend has it that in 1958 a friend of Ohio George Montgomery's told him he had seen an "ugly 'ol Willys" that was running and drivable located at a salvage yard in Hillsboro, Ohio. George bought the car for $100 and quickly added a fresh motor, blower and transmission.  George completed the work in time to compete in the NHRA Nationals in Detroit in 1959. The car won both the "A" Class and "Little Eliminator" Classes.  It was here that George introduced the "concrete brick" spare tire to optimize rear weight distribution.  This innovation demonstrated his racing ingenuity, but was later banned by the NHRA.  In 1964 George's Willys was selected as one of the ten best American drag cars to participate in the US Drag Festival in England.  

The product managers at AMT have once again given us back on old jewel of a kit.  With the drag racing parts restored, and various parts fit improvements implemented, Ohio George's  famous light blue Willys makes a modern day encore performance.
  • Premium 16-page booklet with rare photos of the car being scaled at AMT and of the restored car
  • Two rear wheel options: 4 spoke and 5 spoke Halibrands
  • Two drag slick options: M&H Racemaster vintage "pie crust" and smooth sidewall
  • Various parts fit improvement - interior seats/roll bar; roof panel
  • Molded in light blue
  • Large box format (same size as original art series, i.e., Gene Winfield '40 Delivery)
  • Box photos courtesy of The Rodder's Journal

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