Digitrax Wireless System Receivers -- Infra-Red Receiver Only

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Cost effective wireless operation with infrared technology

UR90 is a front panel unit that is an infrared receiver.  All current production Digitrax throttles are factory equipped with infrared capabillity, just add one or more UR90's and you're wireless!

Infrared is a line of site technology so you will probably need more than one UR90 for your layout.

UR90 also includes a LocoNet Throttle jack on the front for plugging in your throttles as needed.  In addition there are two LocoNet Jacks on the back for hooking up to other LocoNet devices on your layout.

UR90 Features:

  • Plug 'N Play with any LocoNet system

  • Just add one or more UR90s to enable infrared operation

  • Most Digitrax throttles are Infra-Ready

  • Supports approximately 10 Digitrax IR throttles

  • More UR90s my be added to increase functionality of Infrared Operation 

  • Requires 12-14 volt PS14 type power supply

  • One RJ12 6 pin Throttle jacks in the front of the panel for hooking up throttles and other LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.
  • Two RJ12 6 pin LocoNet jacks in the back of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that use RailSync.

  • Gives your layout a professionally finished look.

  • Indicator LED that shows the power state of a local track section.

  • Two #6-32 right angle screw terminals for local track connections for power and diagnostics.

Note: Most layouts require more than one UR90 because Infrared is line of sight and the UR90s must be able to "see" the signals for reliable operation.  Recommended for indoor use only.

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