Blair Line HO Santa Fe 6-Room Section House Kit

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  • Santa Fe 6-room Section Houses were provided to station agents, section foremen and their families in remote locations where housing was not readily available. More than one structure was often erected at each location . Our kit was designed by very accurately following a set of standard plans for a Santa Fe Section House. About the only thing not included is the basement and the furniture. Even if you are not a Santa Fe modeler this structure would look great in any residential neighborhood scene. 
  • Kit features laser-cut foundation walls, floor, sub-roof, window glazing, rafter tails (HO kit only), interior and exterior walls with tab and slot connections. Includes laser-cut peel-n-stick doors, windows and trim. Most of the windows may built in the open or closed position. HO shingles consist of our Santa Fe hexagonal design laser cut on a peel-n-stick sheet with guidelines etched right on the sub-roof for easy application. N shingles are laser-cut hexagonal shingles etched on a single sheet of adhesive backed thin plywood. Included too are the screened front and back porches that are so prominent in this design. Also include is all the trim and ornamentation that make this such a fantastic looking house. And two injection molded plastic chimneys include in each kit.
  • 6.75" x 3.32"

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