Columbus sailed across the ocean blue in search of riches but you only need to go to your keyboard to reap a treasure trove of savings this holiday weekend on thousands of great hobby products by taking advantage of our Columbus Day Weekend Sale.
This 4-day promotion offers you an additional 20% Columbus Day Weekend Bonus during the sales period. When you combine this with our normal low discounted prices, you'll discover, in some cases, that's a total saving up to 80%.
It couldn't be simpler to enjoy these great savings. All you need to do to take advantage of this promotion is enter the following Special Promo Code:


In the DISCOUNT BOX on our online order form at checkout. Make sure you press the green APPLY button to see the discount take effect.

No prior orders apply. Only orders placed during this promotion period are eligible for this offer.  Failure to enter Special Promo Code will void this offer.
Offer expires Midnight Monday, October 8, 2018.
There are some simple rules when taking advantage of this sale:
  1. No prior orders are eligible
  2. Only orders placed during the promotion period are eligible
  3. Failure to enter promo code will void this offer
  4. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or clearance sale
  5. All Bandai, AquaCraft and ProBoat R/C Boats, HK Models Aircraft Kits, Broadway Limited products, and Trumpeter 1/16 and 1/200 Scale Models are ineligible for this promotion.
  6. All Tamiya products are ineligible for this promotion because of their MAP pricing policy which disallows additional discounts.

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