VS Tanks 1/24 German Leopard 2 A5 NATO 2.4GHz R/C Tank

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With advanced spread spectrum radio technology this 1/24 scale Leopard2 A5 battle tank can be controlled from farther distances with virtually no interference! The detail on this model - right down to the winter camo colors - is remarkable, and R/C modelers will have hours of fun engaging other VS Tanks in infrared warfare!


  • Multiple forward, reverse and turning speeds
  • All-wheel suspensions, to tackle inclines of up to 35°
  • Turrets rotate 330°, and guns move up and down
  • Lots of molded-in details, working hatches and painted driver figures
  • Infrared battle system allows for tank-to-tank combat and hit scoring
  • Pre-applied winter camouflage trim scheme

With the 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio system:


  • Modelers will enjoy precise, interference-free control from up to 160+ feet (50 meters)
  • A strong link with the tank is created automatically as soon as the radio is turned on
  • Up to 16 VSTanks can do battle simultaneously
  • There are no crystals to worry about
  • There's no antenna that can break


  • Length: 16 in (410 mm)
  • Width: 6 in (152 mm)
  • Height: 5.2 in (132 mm)
  • Approx. Weight: 2.8 lb (1280 g)
  • Max. Shooting Distance: 26 ft (8 m)

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