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RISE Quad Racer R/C Drone

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Stripped down, light, and made from high-impact foam and carbon fiber, the RISE RXD250 lets you cut in close to every obstacle and compete in the craziest and scariest courses. Go ahead and push it. The RXD250 is designed to withstand a crash—and to go fast.


The RXD series stands for RISE Extreme Durability. Carefully crafted to be supremely rugged, every RXD250 frame is constructed using a premium foam/carbon composite. Pre-built and Receiver ready—just add your battery, receiver, and fly!

Pre-Programmed CC3D

Pre-programmed flight controller, perfect out of the box.

Vivid LEDs

Vivid LEDs make it easy to see the RXD250 in low-light flight.

Camera Mount

Includes a camera mount optimized for FPV racing. Add a compatible camera for exciting First Person View action!


  • 5-Channel radio system
  • 3S 1500-1800mAh LiPo battery
  • LiPo balancing charger

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