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RealFX® Slotless Racing System

Every once in a while something comes across our desk that is a real game changer. For several years Slot Car Racing has been on the decline, mostly because of the incompatibility of the new digital race sets. Each manufacturer has developed their own system making it all but impossible to run digital cars from one system to another.

It would be safe to say there needs to be something new in the slot car hobby. What if we removed the slot and replaced it with a 21st century solution. One that uses radio controlled cars and a revolutionary track systems that helps the "driver" maintain total control over their cars.

That's exactly what RealFX® offers you. No slots, No Lanes, No Limits! RealFX® is the only racing system that gives you the freedom and control to OVERTAKE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, using your racing skills. No need to be restricted by an outdated slot or lane system.

For the first time ever, race REALISTICALLY at scale speeds of up to 180 mph. Modeled upon the physics of real driving. No slots. No lanes. Fully proportional steering control across the entire track gives you full control (and the ability to drive back on if you spin off)!

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