Monroe Models HO Yard Office Caboose Kit

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The Model:

The model is based on an original standard design wood caboose.  These cabooses were built around 1909-1921 and lasted in service until the 1960s.  Then some, like the one we modeled, were converted into yard offices for train crews.  The caboose would provide a place for crews to meet, get orders, store belongings, rest, and warm up on cold>


Each kit includes one laser cut caboose kit.  The model is made of precision laser cut basswood, fiberboard, plastic, and cast metal parts.  All parts are designed for easy tab and slot construction, with peel and stick trim, windows and doors.   Custom made metal castings have been designed to match the prototype for the Smoke Jack, Latrine Vent, plus a fuel tank, and two junk piles.  The best instructions in the business provide full photographic and diagramed instructions.

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