Lindberg Model Ships 1/124 Civil War Blockade Runner US Steam Frigate Kit

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A blockade runner is usually a lighter-weight ship used for evading a naval blockade of a port or strait, as opposed to confronting the blockaders to break the blockade. Very often blockade running is done in order to transport cargo, for example to bring food or arms to a blockaded city. In other cases the blockade runners would carry mail in an attempt to communicate with the outside world.

Lindberg’s Tabletop Navy kits offer a great way to build a wide range of WWII battleships from around the world. Each kit features two historic ships. These kits pack loads of detail into models that range from 6 1/2” to over 8” long. In this initial offering, The U.S.S. Intrepid is accompanied by the U.S.S. North Carolina. These models offer full hull or waterline options and are great for various tabletop gaming uses.

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