Faller HO Jupiter Ferris Wheel Kit

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Estimated Delivery After January 14, 2022

Step right up, hop aboard and hold on for the ride of your life! Proving that bigger is better, Jupiter is your gateway to a breathtaking view. Just as Jupiter is the king of the planets, so is Jupiter the king of HO Scale Ferris wheels. Standing a hair under 150 scale feet tall, this fascinating motorized model brings all the glitz and action of an amusement park to your pike.

Since the 1890s, Ferris wheels (named for inventor George Ferris) have delighted millions of fair, carnival and amusement park goers. This model is based on the huge wheel from Nauta-Bussing and operated by Barth-Kipp in Bonn, Germany, beginning in the 1970s. While based on a German prototype, the model is a real eye-catcher on American model railroads, too.

From its intricate wheel and 36 colorful gondolas to its detailed entrance pavilion, this model has all the trappings of a flashy amusement park ride including colorful support trusses and decorative rooftop ornaments for the ticket booth. This detailed kit includes a 12-16-volt motor for realistic operation. By adding the Ferris Wheel Lamp Set (sold separately), you can illuminate each of the gondolas, the front supporting pillars and the large Jupiter sign.

The completed model measures: 11 x 8-5/8 x 20-1/2"

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