Dragon Space 1/72 Saturn IB Rocket Kit


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In support of the Apollo program, the Saturn IB was employed five times beginning from 1966: to launch two uncrewed CSM suborbital flights, one unscrewed LM orbital flight, significantly the first crewed CSM orbital flight (known as Apollo 7) and one orbital mission without a payload. Subsequently, the 590-tonne Saturn IB was utilized another four times for missions such as ferrying crews to the Skylab space station. The Saturn IB’s final flight was in 1975.

Even in miniature 1/72 scale form, this kit of NASA’s important Saturn IB two-stage rocket is wonderfully large, as the completed model stands nearly 1 meter tall. This model kit has received brand new parts, including the lower part of the second stage and the complete first stage. All components are beautifully finished and finely engineered, ensuring an easy and accurate build of this American rocket of the 1960s-70s. This Saturn IB kit is delivered with a stable circular base to allow it to be freestanding on the floor or a desktop. Although this 1/72 kit of the Saturn IB is not quite as large as the previously released Saturn V, it’s equally impressive. Indeed, the arrival of this exciting kit will send modelers into orbit!

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