Dragon Space 1/72 NASA: Apollo Recovery SH3D Helo 66 Helicopter & Apollo Command Module Kit


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The subject of Dragon’s latest 1/72 scale plastic kit is a delightful model of the Sea King helicopter recovering an Apollo Command Module. This new 1/72 kit includes not only this famous USN Sea King helicopter, but a brand new Apollo Command Module as though it had just splashed down in the ocean.

This spacecraft Command Module is newly tooled. It comes with the requisite floating pontoons and three spherical inflatable bags, plus a life raft is included. As for the helicopter, it's one of the most famous USN Sea King helicopter. The white-painted craft labeled ‘66’ was utilized to recover astronauts from the ocean after their Apollo 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 capsules splashed down after their space missions. It's the same helicopter used for all these mission. After the Apollo 13 in 1970, the helicopter returned to its normal anti-submarine warfare role. This Dragon kit includes everything needed to depict a dramatic and historical spacecraft recovery scene straight from the box.

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