DioPark 1/35 1970s German Made Civilian Car w/Living Supplies Kit

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This is the second variation on their 70's German Made Civilian Car, this time with 'supplies. such as a cool box, a drinks urn, bottles of water and even cola, a suitcase and folded clothes plus some spare wheel rims.  The car is, of course, a Mercedes, that classic shape.  The supplies in this one would be ideal to go with the car and maybe a driver plus 2 or 3 war correspondents covering news events, perhaps somewhere in the Middle East.

The body shell of the car is packed in a protective box within the kit box itself, so it is kept safe and sound during shipping.  The chassis and interior are all there, and the four doors and boot are all separate parts so they can be assembled in either open or closed positions, ideal for inclusion in a diorama.  All molded in a white plastic, and with a nice level of detail inside and out.  The tires are a black rubber compound to fit to the rims.  The additional parts provide for some accessories which fit well for the description of 'Living Supplies'.  There is a suitcase with a folded shirt and jumper, a large cool box, hot water urn, jerry can, oil can, and even spare wheel rims which would be a sensible accessory for a vehicle in a war zone where mechanics to help with spare parts might be few and far between.  There are also some drinks bottles, for water and cola, all good to be stored in the boot or on the large roof rack which is also in the kit.

Two options are suggested for color and markings, either a plain white civilian vehicle or a marked Taxi, with a white body and red corners both front and rear.  It's a neat enough kit of the car itself, but will the accessory parts that have been included it is ideal for that diorama with some Press correspondents using it.

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