AquaCraft Boats Cajun Commander Brushless Scale Airboat RTR

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The Cajun Commander arrives decked out with dynamic detail! All electronics are in place, and so is a Tactic 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio for precision control.

Made of durable ABS plastic, the Cajun Commander's high-performance flat bottom hull provides the stability boaters need to pull off exciting maneuvers on water, snow or dry grass. The camo trim scheme is printed directly onto the plastic for lasting looks.

Other scale highlights include a factory-painted metal propeller cage, a 12-piece LED spotlight system, a replica V-8 engine with headers, an air cleaner and an exhaust system. All that's left to add are a 3S LiPo battery, charger and "AA" batteries!


  • Assembled, finished airboat
  • Factory-installed brushless power system with:
    • 35-36-1800kV outrunner brushless marine motor with 4 mm bullet motor plugs
    • Waterproof, air-cooled 50A ESC with Star® Plug battery, bullet motor & universal radio connectors
  • Tactic TTX300 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio with:
    • TR325 2.4GHz SLT receiver
    • TSX102 servo
  • 12-piece LED spotlight system
  • 9x7 3-bladed FRP propeller
  • Hull: ABS plastic flat bottom with printed-on camo trim scheme       
  • Propeller Cage: Factory painted metal, cage houses replica V8 engine  with headers                                                       
  • Radio: Tactic TTX300 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT with TTR325 receiver and TSX102 standard size and torque servo                          
  • Brushless Motor: 1800Kv outrunner, AQUG7004                          
  • Electronic Speed Control: Waterproof, air-cooled 50A with Star plug  
  • Lights: Twelve LED                                                   
  • Propeller: 9x7 3-blade FRP (fiber reinforced plastic)                
  • Warranty: 90 day limited warranty through Hobby Services beginnig at date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by crash, abuse, misuse, alteration or accident                       
  • INCLUDES: Cajun Commander Air Boat with 2.4GHz Radio, Brushless Motor, ESC  12 LED Lights, Molded Dual Air Rudders and Instruction Manual     


  • LiPo Battery: 11.1V 3S 2200-5000mAh                                  
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected LiPo battery               
  • AA Cells: Six, four for transmitter, two for LED spotlights          
  • LiPo charging bag and shore equipment    
SPECS: Boat;                                                              
  •  Length: 27.5" (699mm)                                                
  •  Beam: 14.5" (368mm)                                                  
  •  Height: 12.5" (318mm)                                                
  •  RTR Weight: 5.3lbs (2.43kg) approximately, depending on battery used 
  •  1800Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor;                                  
  •  Kv Rating: 1800Kv                                                    
  •  Operating Current: 3.8A (without loading, 8V/DC)                     
  •  Input: 3S LiPo                                                       
  •  Max Current: 55A/15S                                                 
  •  Shaft Diameter: 4mm                                                  
  •  Motor Resistance: 37 milliamps                                       
  •  Dimensions: 1.37 x 1.41" (35 x 36mm)                                 
  •  Weight: 3.8oz (107g)                                                 
  •  Bullet Connectors: 4mm diameter                                      
  •  50A ESC;                                                           
  •  Amps: 50 amp continuous                                              
  •  Max Amps: 65 A 10 sec                                                
  •  Voltage Range: 9 - 12.6V                                             
  •  BEC: 5V, 2A                                                          
  •  Motor Connectors: Three 4mm bullet                                   
  •  Battery Connector: Star connector                                    
  •  Stutter Voltage: 9.7V                                                
  •  LVC: 9V                                                              
  •  Wire Gauge: 14                                                       
  •  Max Output Power: 500W                                               
  •  On-Resistance: 0.0015 ohms                                           
  •  Operating Frequency: 8kHz PWM, 16MHz MCU                             
  •  Tining Angle: Auto                                                   
  • Greater scale detail may be added with these printable 3D files
  • Duck Call                                                          
  • Foot Rest                                                          
  • Gun Rack       

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