Academy Military 1/35 K1A1 ROK Army Main Battle Tank Kit

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This 100% new tooling model of the main battle tank used by the South Korean Army is a picture of perfection. Due to its similar appearance to the M1 Abrams, American troops nicknamed it the “Baby Abrams,” although it’s fighting ability is similar to it’s larger cousin.

Academy’s passion for precision is evident in this kit, both inside and out. Positionable hatches, storage boxes, fuel cans and other major components are skillfully produced. The correctness of the finely detailed turret storage basket is unmistakable. Firepower is controlled by an advanced day/night targeting system for the 120mm smoothbore main gun. Two included crew figures and mounted machine guns take care of the enemy when lesser capability is needed. Detailed painting instructions and a decal set complete this all new kit.
  • Accurately reproduced turret and hull armor shapes
  • Upgraded 120mm smoothbore main gun
  • Finely detailed turret storage basket
  • Advanced Day/Night targeting system

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